• Seventh Generation

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  • #MomLifeVoxBox experience!


    • What was your first impression of Cherish VoxBox?
    • I am always happy to try new products, new items, new clothes, new books, so, when I received my Cherish VoxBox I was excited to open it.
    • I love surprise like this. I love sharing my experience, and also create something around the products, like artistic pics.
    • What was your favorite product in the box?
    • My favorite product was the Pantene conditioner. I always have some issue to find the good product for my hair. 
    • How did you use your products?
    • Pantene: for myself, after exercising in the shower.
    • Dove: for my husband, with white clothe and also black clothe for trying the difference.
    • Mott's: for the kids, and the family, at the breakfast time
    • Bark & Co: for my dog's friend, because I don't have pet
    • Vera Wang Embrace: for myself, every morning before go out.


    I received this product complimentary for testing!

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